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Products Offered for Sale

Water Coolers

Bottled Water Coolers

We carry all types of water related products. In addition we carry point of use coolers "POU" that can be hooked directly to a water source or to a sediment and carbon filter. 

Nalgene Bottles

Nalgene Bottles

Dispensers and Stands

Dispensers and Stands

Water Bottles

Water Bottles

We carry many types  of water bottles. inquire in the store for more information. All bottles we carry are BPA free.      

Bottle Selections

  • Nalgene Bottles of various sizes
  • I Litre plastic Bottle
  • 2 litre plastic Bottles
  • 4 litre plastic and glass bottles
  • 8 litre fridge bottles
  • 10 litre fridge bottles
  • 11 litre plastic and glass bottles
  • 18 litre plastic and glass bottles 



Water Cooler Cleaner



Bacteria grows in all water cooler, compromising the safety and quality of your water supply Regular maintenance of water dispensers and water bottles insures pure, fresh tasting water. The Pristine Family of Water Treatment Products is the right choice to keep your family in good health. This excellent water treatment product can help clean odor causing bacteria from any water container, not just water cooler. Easy to follow procedure to have a clean and fresh drinking water. Odorless & Tasteless



Now Offering Jumbo Roasted Cashews.

Lightly salted with sea salt

Small containers are $5.65 each or 4 for $20.00

Large bag is $25.00