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Prepaid Water Plans Breakdown

Purchase Plans

When you buy your water at the Water Shop you have two payment options:

1- In-store Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card payment based on retail price per litre.

2- Pre-paid bottled water purchase plan with savings reaching up to 35% of retail price.

How the Pre-paid plan works:

  • The account is set up under your name using Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card payment.
  •  There is no time limit on the account.
  •  When you come into the store to pick up your water, we access your account using your last name, address, or telephone number. 
  • We then reduce your account by the number of litres you wish to take that day.
  •  When your account reaches zero, a new plan can be added without having to set up a new account.
  •  If you decide to move or stop your plan for any reason, the balance of your account is not refundable but can be transferred.